paper wasp nest

Wasps and Hornets

What you should have done

Paper wasps, mud dauber wasps, and hornets, each has its own but similar life cycle, very beneficial to man. It is only when their daily living and yours collide violently, that they become a pest to get rid of.

Hornets build nests hanging from a tree or bush or roof overhang, living each day eating the insects we find objectionable. That means they are good guys (unless you brush it against your skin). And if that nest is in the wrong place and you try to move it, they retaliate quickly to get you in defense of their nest.

A Paper wasp will build small single comb nests on porches, eaves and other sheltered locations. They are not as defensive about their nests as are yellow jackets and hornets but will sting when pinned against your skin.

Both paper wasp and hornets can be eliminated at night using a commercial bee and wasp aerosol spray directly into the opening of the nest. When they are dead, the nest can be removed and destroyed. These toxic aerosols can be purchased locally.

A Mud Dauber wasp builds nests that are tube like, side by side, in sheltered locations. They also are not very protective of their nests. They sting only when pinned against your skin. To get them to relocate is done without insecticide by just knocking down the tube like nests.

Local professional pest control experts can help you with a problem of wasps, hornets or mud daubers.