boy stung by bees

Most types of bees are very nasty. Bees like africanized bees attack and sting. And if any of your family and friends are allergic to that venom in the sting, you have a problem you must solve for them.

Your choice is the bees or your human kind. We all know what the answer is. The bees must go. And as soon as possible.

Note: This page does not apply to honey bees. They are in dire trouble and must not be killed. They are likely not bothering you anyway.

Removal of the nasty bee threat essentially means bees that sting must die. We include bees such as yellow jackets vs hornets  vs wasps because they all attack aggressively. Some live in the ground with their queen bee. When they are swarming, you need to get out of there fast. When you run a mower over their entry hole, you are up close and they can then sting you again and again because you upset their underground nest. See the picture of the bee below.

Catch and kill bees, wasps, hornets that sting.

Yellowjacket wasp caught
Got him. Do you know what to do next?
  • Swat them. Run and find the first thing you can swing and bat them into oblivion.
  • Spray them. Run and get a can of spray…almost any kind will do…from brake fluid to hair spray.
  • Stomp them. It works but do it carefully…you probably should have long pants and no sandals.
  • Shoot them with your salt gun…then shoot the next one…and then again.    So what is a salt gun?  A salt gun is the latest invention to kill ants, flies, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes and many more small irritating pests. Salt guns use your table salt and spray a few grains at a speed that will kill a small pest instantly without creating a mess or damage. This technology at its best. Try one, you will understand what we mean.
  • Vacuum the bees…use your vacuum cleaner, or a small insect sucker upper (a hand-held vacuum pistol) and then trash the vacuum bag or empty the cylinder of the pistol.
  • For an underground nest situation: At sunset, spray an underground yellow-jacket or bee nest with foam spray…can of “bee killer” foam spray.

If you are afraid of getting stung if you want to get rid of the nest, call a local pest control company to do it for you.