Just like the movie

Seagulls: Noise and theft

You have seagulls making a noisy racket, especially in the morning. You have droppings. You have these thieves diving to steal bits of food and ice cream cones at the beach.

seagulls sign Do Not Feed

Seagulls are social so they nest in colonies. That means to many mouths to feed and that’s where the pest side of a seagull starts.
But some of them are worthy of special mention. The Western Gull has special status because it starred in the Alfred Hitchcock movie…”The Birds”. That was frightening for anyone who remembers watching so many birds doing their thing.

Is your situation similar? If yes, read on so you can start do something soon. These are the choices you can try…to send them away.


  • Sound: Distress call sound systems mimic another bird in distress. Sirens, whistles, hoots, blasts from propane guns are not real effective, but some folk do find they work.
  • Sticky stuff: Products sold for control include a goo that sticks to their feet. Birds don’t like it one bit and will stay away from landing where it was applied. These products are often hard to find locally, but try.
  • Blast them with water: Try it, but it too only works sometimes.
  • Remove the nests and eggs: In some places the eggs are sprayed or removed to stop new little gulls.
  • Scarecrows: Plastic owls are used are effective if moved often.
  • Remove the food source if possible: Of course no one can move a landfill. Ask the owners to cover the garbage with a layer of dirt each night. Your garbage bags should be in a metal or similar container so that they can’t tear the bags open.


  • In many places, air guns are used by community workers to kill the seagulls. It is termed “culling”. Is it legal where you want it done? Better check.

Lastly, perhaps a local pest control specialist can help.