snapping turtle ready to snap

How to get rid of

snapping turtles


Snapping turtle. It lives up to its name. The mouth is a super strong weapon that will do serious damage if you get to close. And they get very big and very strong.
Many survive hits on the road by cars…we actually saw one up North that had the tires tracks imprinted into its shell and the tracks were covered with moss…so it was hit long ago.

Snapping turtles become pests when:

snapping turtle on road

  • they wander through your yard looking for a place to lay their eggs. Any small children present are at risk of being seriously injured from a bite from this ugly prehistoric looking turtle.
  • they take up residence in your fish pond and begin eating those expensive fish you purchased to enjoy.
snapping turtle with girl
If you have one in your yard now…what do you do?
  • Pick it up by its tail if you dare or a long-handled shovel and if it is not so heavy as to take 2 of you to lift it, put it in a box, and relocate it many miles away.
  • You could shoot it and eat it (yum…snapper soup) or as the Down East folk do and Police are trained to do, run it over with a car tire…with a tire still on the car of course… then bury it as the Police are trained to do.
  • or call a pest control specialist or an animal control officer to take it away.