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Strange Noises

Check this list

Strange or unusual noises or weird sound you hear may that of a guest you did not invite to your house or yard or barn.

Below we have provided a list of the sound you may have heard to give you an idea of who your uninvited visitor might be.

  • Bears growl
  • Bees hum, buzz, murmur
  • Beetles drone
  • Birds sing
  • Bitterns boom
  • Blackbirds whistle
  • Cats meow, mew, purr
  • Chickens peep, cackle
  • Cocks crow
  • Cows moo, low
  • Crows caw
  • Cuckoos cuckoo
  • Deer bell
  • Dogs bark, woof
  • Doves coo, moan
  • Ducks quack
  • Eagles scream
  • Falcons chant
  • Flies buzz
  • Foxes bark, yelp
  • Frogs croak
  • Geese cackle, hiss, honk
  • Grasshoppers chirp
  • Grouse drum
  • Guinea fowl cry
  • Guinea pigs squeak, whistle
  • Gulls squawk
  • Hares squeak
  • Hawks scram
  • Horses neigh, whinny
  • Hyenas laugh
  • Kittens mew
  • Loons howl
  • Magpies chatter
  • Mice squeak, squeal
  • Monkeys chatter, gibber
  • Nightingales pipe, warble
  • Owls hoot, screech, wail
  • Parrots talk
  • Peacocks scream
  • Pigeons coo
  • Pigs grunt, squeal, squeak
  • Ravens croak
  • Sheep bleat, baa
  • Snake hiss
  • Sparrow chirp
  • Stags bellow, call
  • Swallows titter
  • Tigers roar, growl
  • Tortoises grunt
  • Turkeys gobble
  • Wolves howl
Do you know what to do if you hear a sound listed above inside your house?

We suggest you return to our A to Z MENU and find your uninvited visitor on that list.

Then CLICK on the name and discover what choices you have to get rid of it.
 Or you could just run away.