bird hit window

Birds Hitting Windows
How to detour them

You have several options that will stop the birds hitting windows regularly. When they are scared, they fly fast and crash. Their visual scan for barriers to fly around is upset and the result is the crash.

Here is how you create a barrier they will see.

Keep the windows dirty

  • Keep your windows so dirty the bird knows there is a window he should not hit.

Tint or decal the window

  • Purchase and install a roll of tinting on the glass to let the bird realize that he should change his flight pattern or he will crash into something.
  • Purchase and install a decal of an animal or whatever suits you decor in that room. That will stop most birds from hitting the window.
  • Purchase a set of decals from a company like Duncraft that are designed specifically for stopping birds from hitting windows.

Create a flight path detour

  • Try the time-tested cheap and ugly approach and put (hang) things in front of the window either inside or outside to thwart the bird’s flight path from the garden directly into your favorite easy chair.
  • Plastic netting could be hung temporarily outside until the season is over and the birds have flown south.