How to stop termites
from eating your house

Termites or White ants

Termites…white ants…They are the same destructive pest. You can’t have just 1. If you found 1, you have many and many more (see termite pictures). And if you have many them, their army destructively eating the inside of your house. Because you don’t hear them or see or smell them, you are in a world of trouble if you do not do something.

The first time you know you have them is when one of 3 things happen. You have swarming termites, you discover damaged wood, or you find their shelter tubes going up from the ground or wood over an area that is treated or around masonry that they have to do a “go around.”

There are actions you can take to control or eliminate them, but in most cases you should consider professional services available locally or on line because of the potential of very expensive damage from these uncontrolled termites.


  • DON’T: No untreated wood touching the house including live or dead plants, bushes, trees, etc.
  • DO: Drain all ground water away from the house foundation.
  • DON’T: No piles of wood or wood related debris near the house.
  • DO: Use treated wood rated for ground contact if wood-ground contact is necessary.
  • DO: Use naturally resistant to termites wood including white cypress, sequoia, or turpentine tree if you need an alternative that will likely work well but not perfectly.
  • DO: On construction, apply a termite barrier (pre-treat the soil) to block their entry.
  • WARNING: Beware if you have a chipmunk infestation, they can tunnel through the barrier and give the termites an entry point.
  • DO: On old construction, do an application of toxin by soaking the ground next to the foundation if possible.


  • Bait Stations: Professional exterminators, using several types of methods, can place bait stations to detect and/or treat termites around the perimeter of the structure. They will be checked for activity once a month. Information on this method is available locally.
  • Direct Application: You can get pesticide products locally that kill the termites quickly by direct contact but not always the entire colony is wiped out. These products are applied to either the soil or directly to the wood.
  • Parasitic round worms: This treatment has had limited success and is available from a few businesses that use this treatment program. Because there are but a few local stores that offer this alternative.
  • Fumigation: Professionals offer a treatment where they “gas” the entire house to kill the termites. This is not a job for the homeowner. Find a professional to hire for this procedure.