vacuuming flies

Sucking sound

Pest gone

Hand held “dust buster” type vacuums (as well as your larger carpet vacuum which might be a bit harder to use for this purpose), suck the pest in so so fast, and the wonderful thing is, you never touch the pest.

Just awesome…now why didn’t you think of that when that insect was driving you nuts.

Remember, empty that bag in the outside trash and just let the live pest fly, crawl or whatever away. Or throw the bag in the trash and they will die later out of your sight. They are so safe when you need to get rid of bees, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, maggots, just about anything that is small and stings or feels so creepy, and you do not want to touch it.

There is another gadget that kills the insect easily and safely besides the vacuum or a fly swatter, that is a salt gun.