wasp under glass

Wasp Eradication


These Quick Kill Tips will control your wasp and hornet problem quickly without you being stung. The wasp’s nest and its queen, if you don’t know where it is, could be in the house, under a deck, under roof shingles or they may live in the ground in a mud nest. Wasps bites using a long stinger can be dangerous to some folks so to get rid of them via removal is usually a priority. Wasps are predators and will keep coming back.

Do something now

Prevent their attack again always just when you least expect it.

Hit the wasp…with a heavy-duty fly swatter…but be ready to run if you miss.

Spray the wasp…with a can of spray designed to kill them and back up and spray again

These spray cans shoot the spray 20 to 25 feet which means you can kill them at a safe distance. Safe from their sting…because as we all know, if you don’t kill them on the first try, they will send out the alarm and will swarm looking for the attacker…you. Not Good. So 20 feet is a distance that works to your advantage.

Shoot the wasp…with a salt gun.

So what is a salt gun?  A salt gun is the latest invention to kill ants, flies, bees, wasps, spiders, mosquitoes and many more small irritating pests. Salt guns use your table salt and spray a few grains at a speed that will kill a small pest instantly without creating a mess or damage. They are a very interesting invention. Check them out.

Vacuum the wasp into the cleaner bag…throw the bag in the outside trash.

Hang a swinging trap…a yellow trap designed for wasps will “collect” them for you. This is a little slower and is not for instant inside wasp warfare, but work quite well hanging outside the door or in your barn.

Re that earlier picture of the yellow jacket wasp under a beer mug.
Yes you got it. Now what do you do with it.